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Thursday, September 5, 2013

GiveawayTraffic, Join The Program.

Giveaway Traffic Masterlist Of Giveaways

Coming Soon...

Sneak peak below.

The GiveawayTraffic Program is designed just as the name suggests. To bring your giveaways the high traffic your looking for.  Great for bloggers and companies hosting giveaways and sweepstakes.

Why fans will love it.

Firstly of course, its all about winning prizes. Everyone loves FREE and giveaways are a hot way to earn items, coupons, big prizes, cash, tickets, vacations and much much more, without having to spend a dime.

We know bloggers are hosting thousands upon thousands of giveaways online at any time these days.  The problem for many in the hobby of entering sweepstakes and giveaways is where to find them.  Sweepstakers absolutely love to enter as many giveaways as possible in order to fill their need to win. The problem for bloggers is the time and energy it takes to promote across all sites, linky's and social media.

Our desire is to bring all of these giveaways into one central place in a big list. We know their are many sweepstakes and giveaways sites that do this already, but again not all of these sites have the same listings and sweepstakers are still hoping around from place to place to place seeking out these giveaways.

We are on a problem solving quest to make a better and easier way.  Not only will this program save sweepstakers time and energy searching but it will also save bloggers time by not having to jump through hoops getting their giveaways noticed. How does it work you ask? Its simple, please read on ....

Lets pretend we currently have 50 bloggers who have joined the program.

Each blogger who joins this program will be given a hosting button for their website. This button will be entitled GiveawayTraffic - Masterlist of Giveaways.  Every blogger will be given a button in a size that fits their website or sidebar such as 125/125, 150/150 etc.  Each button will contain a link to a Masterlist of Giveaways that can be located right on their own site so as not to loose traffic OR they will be taken to a self hosted website that I will also manage. You decide if you wish to create a page that hosts the giveaway list. Its very similar to how giveaway events are run.  If a fan enters a giveaway link of yours in this list, you will benefit from the additional traffic from not only this list but from all sites that have joined this program. All bloggers participating will have the link to your giveaway/giveaways. Giveaway listings will be unlimited.  List as many giveaways as you wish.  When your in YOUR IN.

How we benefit you :

  • Bloggers who join, benefit from mass exposure on all sites.
  • Your giveaways will get more entrants and your sponsors will be encouraged to work with you more. More traffic means more sponsors and repeat working relationships.
  • We currently have 1 highly successful sweepstakes website that has high traffic and another site in the making.  Your giveaways will be hosted on these 2 sites in addition to this program.
  • We are highly engaged in all social networks and continue to join new ones monthly.  This list will be featured and shared often from bloggers, entrants and myself across these social networks making the program and your giveaways go viral.
  • We have over 10+ years experience entering sweepstakes/giveaways and know how to promote.  
  • Its also a chance for you to work alongside other bloggers and build new connections.  
  • Build up your social media following, increase your engagement and increase your rankings.

How it benefits your fans :

  • No more scouring the web looking for sweepstakes/giveaways.  More time means more entries.
  • Chance to win cash or prizes just for entering any giveaways on this list. Each giveaway entered is an entry to win the current monthly prize. 
  • Each giveaway in this list will show and list your prize offering, end date and country eligibility, making it easy for fans to pick and choose the giveaways they wish to enter.
  • A better chance for those fans to find you and your blog.

How we put it all together :

You simply join by signing up below to receive our newsletter and get on our list. You agree to send us your giveaways as they go live and beforehand if you have the link and start date.  You must host the button on your website with a link to the list whether you host this list yourself or not in a post.  The higher up the button in your sidebar the better then program will work.  To be seen is to be successful.  First month is free to try out and $9.99 a month thereafter.  There will be giveaways in this list for bloggers as well for a chance to win a free time block of 1 month, 2 months or 3 months.  Bloggers do not need to enter, there will be a separate random draw for bloggers in the program.  The price is $9.99 whether you have 1 giveaway that month or 20.  We cannot determine how many giveaways bloggers will have in a month and many bloggers do not know either.   All giveaways listed within that 30 day time frame will stay live no matter if the giveaway runs longer than the end of your month, unless your giveaway is longer than 30 days.  For example : lets say you join on October 1st and you list a giveaway with us on Oct 29th, then your giveaway is good in the list and live as long as it doesn't go over another 30 days into the next month preceding. If the giveaway continues on into another month you'll be charged another monthly fee of $9.99.  It is your responsibility to make payments as your time slot expires.  Currently our payment system is set up only to take Paypal payments.  We will be looking into another payment system soon.  

What we do with the fees raised :

  • We turn some of the fees raised into cash and prize giveaways.
  • We use some of the money raised to pay for hosting our website including email form fees, billing related fees and other fees incurred from running our other sweepstakes site your giveaways will be listed on.
  • We pay for any unrelated fees that may transpire while using our site.
  • We will also pay ourselves a small fee for running our service, pay for time committed to promoting and maintaining our GiveawayTraffic Program.
Your giveaways will be listed in the form on a first come first served basis.  It is not based on when you join the program but when you list your giveaway.  If you list your giveaway first, your giveaway will then take precedent over the next giveaway in order on the list.  Giveaways that expire are removed but the entrants information is kept until a winner is drawn.


This is a sample of how the list will look and a sample of a possible prize for that month.


Jump in and get on our test run of this service now before its all filled up. You can join in below.  

If you have joined the program already and wish to send in your giveaways to us please fill in this form. There is a payment program within the form, don't worry if your part of the trial run, we will be issuing coupon codes to all so you can try it out free.


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