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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Ongoing Weekly Giveaway

Welcome to our lucky ongoing giveaway linky.  Whats a giveaway linky you ask? Its just as the name suggests, its a list of giveaway links that bloggers leave as they hop on by Giveaway Gauntlet.  You simply click on the links for the giveaways you want to enter and it will bring you to the site or blogger who is hosting that giveaway.

This list will always stay up for you on the bottom of our posts section, so make sure to hop on back every day to see the new links added to the collection.  The newest added links will always be on the bottom of the list and the expired links removed daily to keep our list current and fresh.  No one likes seeing expired links... whats the point?

Every Monday we will re publish our giveaway linky so we can share it on all social networks.

Bloggers please pay attention : When adding your links please and I can't say it enough, leave your links with the prize, country eligibility and the end date.  As someone who has monitored giveaway linkys for a few years I can definitely tell you those listings without country eligibility and end dates do not get many clicks.  Its imperative if you want traffic to list all the details.

And now I wish you good luck.

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